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Mini Weddings vs Pop Up Weddings vs Elopements

What's The Difference Between Mini Weddings, Pop Up Weddings and Elopements?

There are plenty of ceremony terms  and styles being tossed around at the moment in the Australian wedding industry. Here’s what we found.


The Australian wedding industry has been thrown numerous curve-balls over the past six months. One of the main restrictions has been the number of guests allowed to attend your wedding. Restrictions often vary from state to state, so make sure you check your local state government laws when it comes to organising one of the 3 alternatives to a full-sized wedding. A quick break down of the 3 is:-


Generally consists of a Marriage Celebrant, the couple and 2 witnesses without an official reception. Some couples also choose to hire a wedding photographer for a short coverage to capture the ceremony and some shots afterwards.


A mini wedding (aka micro wedding) is generally larger than an elopement, with around 30-50 guests. The budget is also generally more substantial. Couples still tend to have most of the “bells & whistles”. 


Some venues will hold numerous Pop Up ceremonies in a day where couples enjoy a ceremony followed by a short reception. They are normally held to a set budget and require little planning (depends on the venue). Your guest list is generally limited.



It’s all about you and your partner, and the intimate moment you become a married couple. 

The definition of Elope is: “To run off secretly” | “to run away with a lover”. Secret or not, it’s just the two of you, adding a chapter to your love story, in the most intimate way possible.

Most Elopements take place Monday-Friday in order to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Elopements are a great way to “get the job done” quickly and cost effectively with out too many people having to be involved. All you need is a Marriage Celebrant and 2 witnesses.

Take note: you don’t only have the option of Registry Office ceremonies!! There are many private marriage registry style weddings available.

Elopements are perfect for couples who are looking for an authentic, intimate, adventurous, stress-free, intentional, “just us” wedding experience. 

happy bride at mini wedding

Mini Weddings

Mini (or Micro) Weddings is a relatively new term being used in the Australian wedding industry at the moment. 

Mini weddings are an abbreviated celebration of a ‘traditional wedding’, but more involved than an elopement. It’s a modern twist that involves all the classic trimmings of a conventional wedding, but on a mini scale. The day is usually shorter, and the guest list smaller. 

With a Mini Wedding couples can design their own wedding. From the ceremony location and layout to the reception style and menus. They also tend to have additional services such as a photographer, DJ and even a videographer. The term “mini” is in reference to your guest list. Not your budget!

Mini Weddings are perfect for discerning couples who are looking to keep some of the formalities of a traditional wedding day but prefer a modest guest list. Unlike larger style weddings, mini weddings tend to have their reception start shortly after the ceremony as packages for mini weddings are normally for a 5 hours duration.

Mini weddings can take place any day of the week, but most couples choose something Monday-Thursday, or on weekends during off-peak seasons when rates and minimums are lower.

wedding couple at pop-up wedding

Pop-Up Weddings

A POP-UP Wedding doesn’t have the same definition across the board. Wedding venues have taken the term and used their own interpretation to develop their POP-UP packages.

To some, Pop-Up Weddings are essentially Mini Weddings, but happen within a shorter planning timeframe. 

 A Pop-Up Wedding is a styled, designed and planned day where a number of couples say their vows in short, intimate ceremonies followed by a short 1-2 hour reception, at different times. It’s a prearranged, all-inclusive ceremony package. They often have a beautiful ceremony space, handling the logistics, and pull together the team of vendors, so that all the couple has to do is book a time and show up.  Some Pop-Up wedding packages include Celebrant, flowers, bouquets, DJ/music and even a wedding photographer, 

Each POP-UP Wedding day is uniquely different, using inspiration from the season, time of year, venue, and industry trends.  

POP-UP Weddings are perfect for couples who are looking for a more affordable way to get married, without compromising on the quality and overall aesthetic of their day. They are stylish, budget friendly and super low stress, with a compromise of less customization.