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We're passionate about weddding stories and are committed to capturing the heart of your special day. From the personal and intimate moments to the grandeur of ceremony and celebration, our experienced, trusted, and talented videographers are there to film your day with class and elegance.

The moving image captures so much life and emotion - the tear in your Dad’s eye as he sees you in your dress for the first time, the nervous stumble of the groom as he reflects on a special memory during his speech, or the joy of seeing an old friend who has journeyed from overseas.

We go above and beyond, to provide you with a film of the highest quality while also delivering some unique extras. Our Wedding Film package includes:

• Unlimited hours
• Two videographers
• Multi-cam 4K and HD shooting with steady-cam and wireless audio
• Drone aerial cinematography
• 360 degree virtual reality filming (in addition to standard cameras)
• Colour grading, graphics and dynamic video editing
• Plus choose from many unique extras such as vintage Super-8 film, an Engagement Film or Same Day Edit
We take the utmost care in crafting your wedding films to be captivating and engaging. We've found that some editors try to save time by editing random footage to a piece of music, which makes the film feel like a messy slideshow. Our films aren't like this; we use the music to tell your story. We take the time to carefully select the perfect moments to accompany the rises and falls of your song choices. This creates a bespoke, personalised viewing experience for you to cherish forever.

We give you six different films:

• A one-minute introduction video for social media
• A 12 to 15-minute highlights film
• The full ceremony with the full vows
• All the speeches at the reception
• Special messages from close friends and family; and
• A VR version of the ceremony that can be viewed with VR goggles
These are delivered on a high-speed USB thumbdrive, housed in a beautiful, personalised wooden case, that you can plug into the back of your TV and watch in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to this, we also deliver a private website link that hosts all your films so you can send them to any family or friends interstate or overseas. Films can be viewed or downloaded from this link.

Wedding films are for the generations to come. When our hair has turned grey, and the memory of the day has all but disappeared, the wedding film remains as an heirloom to pass down the family tree.

Send us a message today to begin creating your very own wedding film.

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