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Offering classic and vintage Rolls Royce Royce and more 5 jaguars in convertible and matching sedans.

Please feel free to take advantage of our 26 years of wedding car hire experience to maske toye wedding day even more special.. There is lots of useful information to help you organise a perfect wedding day with some great photos, useful links and great locations. I am a true romantic at heart, so each and every wedding is so special to me, and if I can help in any way, it is worth it to me.

Our wedding cars have a unique colour scheme of silver over gloss black with the big white wall tyres which will stand out above the rest.

Please spend some time on our wedding car website to check out all our great pages about our different type of wedding car hire available in Sydney.

We have filled our pages with all the information you need about our Sydney wedding car hire service. Got a question about your wedding cars, check out our Sydney Wedding Vehicle Questions page. With a tonne of beautiful photos of our wedding cars with our bride and grooms. So you know what your photos on the day will look like...Spectacular!