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Design your own budget friendly luxurious bridal look
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We wish you and your partner a happy marriage for life time.

Let us take away some of your wedding planning stress. Wedding planning is the beginning of a journey you and your partner should be enjoying.

We are passionate about making you, the bride, look best and happiest on your big day. We want to help you achieve your dream wedding, beautiful memories you will cherish in your lifetime with your loved ones.

Every bride wants to look perfect on her big day. From selecting the gown, makeup & hairstyle look, bridal jewelry accessories and shoes, it needs to be perfect look but still you. Our handmade accessories will add statement luxurious look.

We understand the social dynamic of wedding planning. The uncertainty of global pandemic adds up a whole lot of stress to finances of the couple. We try to keep our prices budget friendly for our bride-to-be.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or if we can be of any help. We will do our best to assist.