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What is it that's important to you about choosing your Marriage Celebrant?  It's ok if you haven't got that part figured out yet.  Many couples have told me that they know what they wanted for the overall wedding day but they just weren't sure what a Celebrant actually did or how involved we get.

I'm a pretty passionate person when it comes to most things in my life so I'm going to be invested in your day the minute you say "Yes Lisa - we want you!"  My goal is to ensure you feel confident that I will listen, suggest and take care of you both.

Your journey with me will feel like we've known each other forever.  Whether you're having an elopement, short ceremony or fully personalised one, I'm 100% in.

Celebrancy is my thing.  I feel like this job was made for me and truth be told, I don't ever feel like I'm going to work.  I'm uber-easy to get along with, professional when it's called for and generally pretty excited about life.

And I'm reliable - I haven't missed a wedding in the 8 years I've been a Celebrant.

Let's zoom to have a chat and see if we're a natural fit.

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