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Covid Mini Wedding Ideas

The Modern Age of The Mini Weddings

There’s a new pressure on couples planning a wedding in the 2020 calendar year.

With new stresses being placed on distancing from loved ones, and impending cancelations of venues and vendors, we feel for our couples that are adapting to planning a wedding amid the pandemic. With many couples choosing to push off their big celebrations until 2021, here are some ways to have a small ceremony in 2020.  Although the current state of the world influences how, where, and with whom we can celebrate, it hasn’t taken away the opportunity to express your love. Take it as an opportunity to overcome one of many challenges, and enjoy the accidental positives that occur.

     Consider a Registry Style Wedding on the day of your postponed wedding. By doing this you get to keep the wedding date you’ve been dreaming of, and you can still choose to celebrate with guests later. Joined by the closest of family, or friends, a Registry Style wedding can be just as meaningful as the big day you had planned. The intimate gathering will allow you to spend more time with your spouse and guests, and less time stressing about the little details. The relaxed environment can allow many special moments between you and your significant other, as well as emotional moments with close family or friends. These individual memories will last you a lifetime, and are a secret blessing to this new age of weddings.

     With a downsized event it can be easy to feel like you don’t need all the frills of the big day you’re planning for later, but always try to hire a wedding photographer that covers a small amount of hours. Wether you’re planning a big celebration later on, or not, it’s your wedding day! You will want to remember the special moments you shared, and have those moments capture by a professional. Even if it’s not a big wedding, it is a monumental life moment, and remembering it forever is always special. Even the small smiles, glances, and tears that you may miss on the day, can be captured by a photographer and create priceless memories for anniversaries to come.

     The hardest part of these minimized weddings is having to drop your loved ones off the invite list. On the bright side, it may be a great way to exclude those guests you felt obligated to invite.  Maybe its for health reasons, or that travel restrictions are keeping that special person from attending your intimate ceremony. Now is the time to utilise technolog to overcome these hardships. With everything being online now a days, the tools for online streaming are easily accessible to all. Using Facebook live, Skype, or even Zoom you can record and stream your wedding to guests that are unable to reach you. This can help you feel connected to loved ones, and complete the day you tie the knot. Giving this responsibility to a friend or family member can leave you stress free, and allow you to know that nobody is missing out. Send out a digital invite with a link to the livestream in the days, or weeks, before your wedding.

Finding the perfect venue for your small ceremony, or celebration, might seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Search available Airbnb’s in the area, and check out what local spaces are available to you and a few guests. Wether it’s just for a reception dinner, or a ceremony too, being in a personal space is not only cleaner, and safer, but it creates an intimate atmosphere. Sitting at a family style table at your reception allows your loved ones to all talk, and gives you an opportunity to create memories, not only as a new couple, but as a newly joined family. With this smaller sized event you are also likely to be able to splurge more on the things that matter to you, such as food, venue, or attire. This celebration will not soon be forgotten by you, or the guests who are luck enough to share your wedding day with you.