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What Is A WePost?


A WePost is an individual page that is attributed to your profile. It is shown in our Wedding Industry Professionals blog section. Yet another way Wedoo helps you rank better, get more leads for FREE!


Why Submit A WePost?


A WePost Is yet another way that you can increase your online exposure by providing links to both your profile and website. Not only does it increase your chances of appearing in Google searches, it also provides authoritative rankings for your website by being linked to from a wedding themed website.

A WePost links back to your web site. For instance, you may submit an article about “Celebrants in Melbourne”. Firstly, we place the article in a category called Celebrants. Your post may include a phrase “Celebrants in Melbourne are required to undertake regular certification”. We then link this term back to your website. So you are receiving a link back from an article that is relevant for Celebrants and from a blog category for celebrants. Because it is coming from an external source to your website, it means better 


This gives the post more linking authority and subsequently a better Google ranking score for you!


Does Wedoo Edit My Post?


Yes. We edit and optimise your submitted post for the following areas.

  • Suitable for general viewing.

  • Spellcheck and general structure.

  • Make sure there is not a post already covering that topic.

  • Contains relevant keywords and phrases.

  • Insert hyperlinks back to your website.

  • Link to your business profile.

  • Provide images that are royalty free